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Make a Color Swatch: Remodeling or Decorating Tip

Remodeling or redecorating can be very stressful and you must spend much of your time making decisions about the redecorating and the colors you want to use. Before you start any redecorating project you need to decide what color or colors you want to use in your redecorating project. The color you use is very important and to make everything in your redecorating project match you need to have a color plan.

To make your life easier during the decorating process you can make a color swatch of the color or colors you plan to use and take the color swatch everywhere you go.

First decide what color or colors you want to use. Experiment with some crayons to see what color you like best. Then when you decide what colors you are going to use on your decorating project make a swatch of the color or colors. Your swatch can be very small so that it can fit in your wallet and you can have it with you where ever you go.

When you look for paint you will have your color swatch and picking out paint or wallpaper will be much easier. Take your color swatch to the furniture store and you will be able to pick out furniture with your color swatch. Pick out furniture that matches the colors you want by taking out your color swatch and comparing it to the colors that the furniture comes in.

It will be easier to pick out the flooring you want with a color swatch. You can pick out carpeting and vinyl flooring with a color swatch that matches the furniture you have already picked out.

Pick out curtains or draperies with your color swatch. A color swatch can make decorating much easier to get the colors in the room to match each other.

Make a couple color swatches of the same color in case you need to share the color with someone else or if you misplace your color swatch you will have another color swatch to work with.

A color swatch can make decorating easier and you won’t have as much guess work when you are decorating your rooms. The color swatch does not have to be big it can be tiny so that you can carry the color swatch in your wallet. You can have more then one color on the swatch and it will make picking colors for your decorating easier.

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